All-Time Top Ten

Flatheads Ranking List

11stBlur OFC PK150 Wraith Minimalist Limited Edition; 150Ω
??Longyao-Yinman 龙谣音曼 2.0 600 Limited Edition; 600Ω
??tgxear Tantalus MMCX; 500Ω
43rdK’s 凯 Temperament Bell-Ti 钛铃; 120Ω (aka “Titanium Ling”)
53rdPureSounds 醇声 PureTone PS100-600S; 600Ω
63rdRikuBuds Berserker 1; 32Ω
74thFranQL Temperament Woody Edition; 150Ω (modded K’s 凯 Bell-Ti 钛铃)
84thK’s 凯 Temperament Bell-Blue 蓝精铃; 32Ω (aka “Bell Smurf”)
95thBlur 256 PK16 White Face Ultimate Basshead Limited Edition; 16Ω *
105thDQSM Audio Turandot; 16Ω *

*  No longer in my possession due to nefarious spousal procurement activities.

Blur MX300 美魔女 Beautiful Witch “Dark” aPs Edition; 300ΩBlur OFC MX64 aPs Special Tuning Edition (STE) Prototype; 64ΩFranQL Eight Ball Red (DIY MX300 DLC Carbon); 300ΩFranQL Yellow Candy (DIY MX120 LCP); 127ΩK’s 凯 w/ Final Acoustics Poseidon 海神波塞冬; 215ΩShozy 大黑 Big Black (BK) Stardust; 16ΩVenture Electronics 微翼音频 (VE) Sun Copper/Sun Dice; 180Ω
Venture Electronics 微翼音频 (VE) Zen 2; 320Ω (before mid-2019)
Golden Age FavoritesAiwa HP-D9 “King Aiwa”; 16ΩAiwa HP-ED700; 16Ω (Japan-Only reissue of HP-V553 Super Bass)Aiwa HP-V3 Big Red Super; 32ΩAiwa HP-V743 Fantasy Bass; 16ΩSony MDR-E282 Nude Turbo II; 16Ω
Sony MDR-E888G Twin Turbo Nude Fontopia; 16ΩTechnics by Panasonic RP-HV100 耳に入る Double Driver; 28Ω

SPECIAL NOTE: This list is heavily influenced by my own personal listening tastes, tuning preferences, and shell fit. These rankings are derived from three (3) factors: sound signature & tuning; comfort & fit; and aesthetics & build quality. I tend to prefer warmer/darker signatures (I vehemently detest “hot” treble and “aggressive” mids) and gravitate to smaller shell types due to narrow outer ear canals. Earbuds that are currently sitting in my flathead stable are highlighted/shaded in light green.

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