Come one, come all! To the Flathead Sanctuary!

The Flathead Sanctuary is a community-driven neutral zone where all things earbud related can be openly and freely discussed sans censorship. No hidden agendas. No cults. No banned manufacturer names. No in-your-face advertising. A place where everyone’s opinions, thoughts, and experiences are shared through civil discourse. A sanctuary where all earbud types, ranging from branded to custom-made to do-it-yourself, are most welcome.

“Why did this project arise? Is it really needed?”

Earbuds have been with us for decades now, but times change. Over the last few months, the flathead lover community has multiplied, but it has also scattered. New tools like Discord have taken on forum discussions, but with that came the scattering, with crews residing on every server but never all together.

Given all that, most people also left the forums due to accommodation issues and the lack of transparency that most websites encourage nowadays. The combination of all of this, the idea for the “Flathead Sanctuary” was born in the depths of the Discords, and now it sees the light of the day.

The point is not to crosstalk or substitute any platform, but to unite earbud fans without borders, under a strict set of rules.

“So, what are the rules, and how will you enforce them?”

1 strike = warning!   2 strikes = jail!   3 strikes = out!

“Who’s running the show?”

The project was developed by three earbud lovers and audio-related buddies: Ian91, nymz and WoodyLuvr. I’m sure you can find our credentials somewhere.

“Ok, but who said you should be in charge?”

No one. It’s the Internet and freedom of speech doing their thing. You don’t have to join or stay. That’s the point: being happy and free.

“Fine, fine. You convinced me. Where can I join this madness?”

Discord server Link:

“I’m having trouble joining and I’m not sharp with technology. Can you help me out?”

Of course, drop a PM on any platform and we will aid you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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