Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals – The list

In this post I will try to summarize the deals I think are worth, alongside the list of shops that are running sales during the black friday and cyber monday period.

This list will keep being updated during this period, as I find out more deals. They will focus more on my recommendations, but I encourage everyone to browse to these shops or your favorites and find the best deals for you. If you find any hot deal you think it’s worth, please let me know so I can add to this list.

The brackets for the IEMs are based on their usual price, and the values in front of each unit are the current discounted price.

AngelEars Store (AliExpress)

[238.87$ – Planar] Timeless AE – A rework on the original planar that is still aclaimed to this day, featuring a sub-bass increase and a smidge less grainy treble. The AE Version packs better accessories (like the cable that is now 2-pin and carrying case) and pumping out in a stellar greenish-blue that I just love. You can find my first impressions and unboxing here. Will get a reccomendation pretty soon from my side, just like the original got and it’s one of my top three favourite planars at the moment.



New entries:

[219.00$ – Hybrid] AFUL Performer 5


DUNU has a black friday sale is runing on their official store:

My recommendations in this lineup go torward the following:

[649.99$ – Single Dynamic] DUNU ZEN Pro – My favourite DD under 1k is now on sale. I love this set and its biggest con was the price (usual price is around 900$). A must listen, especially if you are into intrumental music.
Very easy to power and very sensitive, which also means it camuflates into whatever source you throw at it – and yes, it is that transparent. I recommend warmer sourcer with it.
Don’t sleep on this one!

[329.99$ – Hybrid] DUNU VULKAN – With a double dynamic driver for the lower range, the Vulkan is a very compeling source that I just got myself as well. You can find my preliminary ranking and impressions here. A nice alternative to the usual B2/Tea2 bracket.
Oh and you seen this beauty? One of the best looking sets out there, in my opinion.

[449.99$ – Full BA] DUNU SA6 – I have one on the way, hope I can hear it before the sale ends. I do have SA6 Ultra with me (limited edition, now gone) and oh lord, what a beast. Will update this later with my impressions.

[99.99$ – Single Dynamic] DUNU KIMA – Terrific tuning, without much to fault at this price range, only lacking the last leg of refinement on the technical side, but a solid performer nonetheless.

[69.99$ – Single Dynamic] DUNU Titan S – I lovely balaced option that I would take over most under $100 out there. Neutral tuning with just a hair of bass boost. You can find my review here. Now also available in silver – which I found stunning.

[29.99$ – Source] Digital Q-Lock PLUS Modular Plug – This is not on sale, but if you own any DUNU cables with the Q-Lock system, I recommend that you try this out. It’s currently my go for a quick go out with any DUNU product like the SA6 Ultra, since it frees you from so much hassle. Recommended.

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