Moondrop Blessing 2 and Blessing 2: Dusk – Impressions and Shootout

Disclaimer (Blessing 2): This unit was sent to me by @Szymon to be graphed and for a quick spin. No incentives of any kind were given and the review you are about to read are my own thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again to Szymon for the opportunity and support.

Disclaimer (B2: Dusk): This unit was sent to me by @SenyorC to be graphed and for a quick spin. No incentives of any kind were given and the review you are about to read are my own thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again to SenyorC for the opportunity and support.

Product Information

Driver Setup: 1DD+4BA
Price: $320
Comfort, fit and isolation: Good overall, but people with small ears be aware that the nozzle is very thick.

Source used: Topping E30 + L30 stack (both 3.5mm stock cable)
Tips used: BGVP A07
Test playlist with some of the songs used: Tidal


Took me a good while, but the day has finally come and I got the chance to try out two of the most talked and recommended sets around the $300 range. The Blessing 2 (B2) and the Blessing 2: Dusk (Dusk) have been acclaimed to be the technical set to beat at around the $300 range, so without further ado, let’s dive into the sound.

Hans Zimmer – Why So Serious? [3:25m]

While B2 did not impress me, just did the bare minimum for the league it plays for, the Dusk took the reins in that regard. Despite not being the best specimen, the sense of claustrophobia and extension were better noticed on Dusk due to its elevation and sub-bass over mid-bass type of tuning, while the B2 felt soft on the rumble and nothing to call home about, reminiscent of a BA bass.

Vulfpeck – Disco Ulysses (Instrumental)

On this track we are going to analyze Joe Dart’s bass line, starting at 1:54m and the inclusion of the pianos and guitars around 2:24 and onwards. Just this sample gives us an idea of bass, mids, treble and some technicalities.

The first thing I usually notice is the latter and then my brain shifts into the tuning, so that’s where I’ll start. The technicalities on both units are all over the place. Detail, separation/layering and stereo imaging are all top of the line at this price point and I will talk about them shortly. What pumps up my spidey senses are the timbre and coherency.

The coherency on the Blessing 2 is pretty terrible, as you can easily distinguish between the parts of the frequency range, as if you could tell where the bass, mids and treble start/end. The timbre has the usual BA plasticity that gets more evident in the treble region due to its elevation.

These effects are less prominent on Dusk , due to the tuning adjustments – especially bass to mids, – but it’s still present.

Now, focusing back on the tonality, the bass guitar position is shyer than it should be on the Dusk and less so on the B2. The mid-bass quality is pillowy on both sets and due to the Dusk’s tuck in to fit in a better sub-bass curve, the lower-mids took a hit. The lower-mids/mid-bass are the weakest point of both sets regarding tonality – again, it comes across more of a BA bass with not many dynamics and definition.

Despite Dusk’s mid-bass being cleaner due to the recession in comparison, for jazz songs like this one I would still take the Blessing 2 due to its warmer nature and thicker note weight. For those who prefer U-shaped IEMs or clinical mid-range, Dusk is the way.

Moving into the rest of the mid-range, this is where both sets shine tonaly wise, diverging only on the note-weight department, with B2 being thicker and warmer and the Dusk more neutral and transparent.

Both are clean and transparent, showing great sense of layering and separation when both Cory’s and Theo’s chime in at the same time as the pianos. This is one of the best mid-range replays, if not the best, you can get for this price range and rivaling the Tea lineup due to its resolving power.

Now, when analyzing the higher pitch notes and their harmonics, this is where it drops down a little for my own tastes. The upper-mids and treble are a little too energetic for my tastes and indisputably grainy. Curious enough, the Dusk feels less like to my ears, which shouldn’t be the case given the warmer glide of the Blessing 2.

As for the rest of the technicalities, those are also indisputably great.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

I’m gonna use this track to wrap-up my conclusions about the sound of the two sets. First we’re gonna look at the intro cymbal, followed by Steve Nick’s vocals plus back vocals and all this while keeping an eye on treble levels and sparkles.

Right off the bat, the cymbal strike feels a hair too energetic from me on both sets on moderate volumes. As for the vocals, the mid-range advantage of the B2 with its added warmth replay better the vocals for my taste, but those who prefer the more neutral/clinical replays, will take the Dusk home.

As for the treble, well, as mentioned above there’s a couple dbs more than my liking so there’s sure enough, just wish it had a couple more DBs after 6k hz to back of the lower parts of this region, as it doesn’t match as much.


Blessing 2 feels wonky in the lower mids and for that, I have to attribute the tonality factor to the Dusk. I’m usually against tucked in shelves but the added clarity and somewhat sounding more correct to my ears made my decision in favor of it. Other than that, the rest of the spectrum goes in almost hand to hand and I don’t feel it will be the deciding favor on someone torn apart between the two.

Now, the Beauty and the Beast story comes up: the technicalities. If the tonality looks good for your preferences and library and timbre, coherency and bass texture isn’t something you care for or can perceive, the rest of the technicalities will take you places.

For the price both sets have great stereoimaging, detail, separation and macro dynamics and in those regards on a single package, they are the pack leader at $330.

As for me personally, the timbre, bass texture and grainy treble are a turn-off, but I would be crazy to not give my recommendation on both if you are making an educated decision. Between the two, I do prefer the Dusk because of its overall tonality and the better grade goes along that. In fact, I’d go further and say I might prefer it on FR alone more than I do Variations, but the technicalities are no match.

Last three words of the review: stock cable sucks.

Moondrop Blessing 2 – Value Rating: 4.5/5. Personal ranking: B+.
Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk – Value Rating: 5/5. Personal ranking: A-.

Thanks for reading!

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