SeakReal Airship Short Impressions

Disclaimer: This unit was sent to me by @SenyorC to be graphed and for a quick spin. No incentives of any kind were given and the review you are about to read are my own thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again to @SenyorC for the opportunity and support.

Product Information

Driver Setup: 1DD
Price: $180
Comfort, fit and isolation: Below average / bad.
Source used: Topping E30 + L30 stack
Tips used: BVGP A07
Test playlist with some of the songs used: Tidal


This is gonna be a quick one, and the graph will tell you why: Airship is a bass boosted Olina, reminiscent of the Hana 20221 vs Oxygen situation, with a different shell and the same driver (read: most likely an olina with a different bass port dampening).

If you wanna know more about one or the other, just read my extensive Olina review and you’ll most likely get the idea. Keep in mind however that by increasing the bass the sound gets warmer and more V-shaped, instead of the semi-harman found on the original. One that finds Olina too bassy will not like the Airship and one that finds Olina too peaky won’t like it either. One that finds Olina perfect with a slight bass boost, will love the Airship, at least tuning wise.

Now, what I really wanted to know is how it fared vs the real deal: the dual stock filter mod. I have to say I do prefer the Olina for a couple of reasons: better mid-range position since it’s less V-shaped, less energy on cymbals and violins due to the 5k peak tame and the shell – oh the shell.

While Olina is one of the best shells I’ve tried, not just on build quality but also as comfort and fit, the Airship’s are on the other end of the spectrum – hard to get a good fit, not as comfortable and not as isolating. I do have to mention that if you have small ears the Airship will fit you better than the Olina.


Given what you’ve read above, I have not much else to add. If I gave my highest recommendation to the Olina (reviews are always stock), I have no way to not give the same result to the SeekReal Airship, especially if you are in for more bass and looking at sound quality alone. If we factor the fit and price, Olina blows it out of the water by costing less 80$ with a better shell, and turning into a moddable monster with inside-the-box items. Nonetheless, credit where it’s due but with lower rankings due to tuning.

Value ranking: 3.5/5. Personal rank: B.

Thanks for reading!

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