DUNU ZEN Short Impressions

Disclaimer: This unit was sent to me by @Rikudou_Goku for a quick spin and to be used on my Zen Pro review. No incentives of any kind were given and the review you are about to read are my own thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again to @Rikudou_Goku for the opportunity and support.

Product Information

Driver Setup: 1DD (ECLIPSE)
Price: 700$
Comfort, fit and isolation: Good fit and comfort, below average isolation.
Source used: Topping E30 + L30 stack
Tips used: Final E
Test playlist with some of the songs used: Tidal


I asked Riku to send me his unit to A/B vs the Zen Pro on its review and, let’s be honest, anyone who heard about Zen’s bass impact has at least a hint of curiosity about it.

So let’s start right with the bass. During Hans Zimmer – Why So Serious?, a slight hint of sub-bass roll-off made it lessy rumbly than expected, and I can’t really say I’m impressed by it. Now, the mid-bass is a whole different fairytale where the dynamics are god tier. From the bass line of Ghost-note – Shrill Tones to the articulation of the during Gesaffelstein – OPR, the ECLIPSE driver shows its claws and can give me an idea how the canvas for the Zen Pro was built. The impact (slam) during the replays is one of the best ever and probably just surpassed by Z1R for my tastes.

The mid-range is just clear enough for me to have nothing to point at other than saying it’s on the warmer/thicker side with and somewhat recessed, (Hania Rani – Glass), until we reach the upper mid-range and treble area.

I’m not a fan of the usual high pinna gain (Adele – Daydreamer) followed by a hint of energy around 4.5k and then dipped into oblivion other than a nasty peak around the 8k hz area (it’s somewhat real). Other than that peak, the treble is pretty much dead and lacks air, giving a sense of no space (John Williams – Harry’s Wondrous World).

Other than great dynamics, the technicalities are sub-par, let alone for the price, especially on the imaging chops section. With that in mind and the lack of treble, separation and detail take a huge drop down in the charts.

Compared to Zen Pro, it’s a bloodbath, especially on instrumental music which is my favorite genre use case of the Pro and will be covered more in depth on its review.

Value ranking: 2/5. Personal rank: C+.

Thanks for reading!

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