Tanchjim Hana (2021) – Impressions

Disclaimer: All the critical listening was done using iFi xDSD Gryphon, Topping NX7 and Qudelix 5k as sources, powering FLAC files and Tidal Hi-fi. Tips used on all comparisons were CP100.

This set was kindly provided by @Tonytex_Teixeira for me to try, and I’m grateful for that.

Non-Sound Charateristics

Tachjim is the party host, Harman curve is the theme, rose gold pink is the dresscode: Tanchjim releases a 2021 revision of their old model, Hana. Anticipation and hype broke the scale, as people wanted to know if it was a cheaper alternative to its older brother and one of the DD kings: Oxygen.

Shell and fit feel a bit better to my ears than Oxygen, as I can get a better fit without any hot spots. This really feels like an improvement, not perfect, but an improvement. As it is a loaner set, I don’t have the box and acessories, including stock cable. I just felt it had to be dressed up with the Penon PAC480 cable for the bling, because looks increase techs, am I right?

Sound Charateristics

Tuning wise they follow the harman curve, but got a couple DB boost in the low end, making it more V-Shaped than the direct competitors, but also making Hana 2021 a slightly different flavor for those looking for that. They are clearly targeted at those that think the harman curve is a bit bass light or bright. They still pack some punch and texture, despite being warmer, so there’s that.

Mids and vocals got, of course, more recessed in the process, while still having some details to it. Of course male vocals are more emphasized than the female’s counterpart, but without being annoyingly obvious.

Treble got a slight boost as well, to compensate for the bass boost, but the ultimate replay comes down to a warmer set. Cymbals, cellos, electric guitars etc. still sound natural without any fatigue to my ears, so there’s that. Only place that, in my opinion, could have gotten a little boost as well would be extension, but it’s not bad per se.

Technically is also half a step down from its older brother Oxygen. While I feel they are 80 to 90% the same, especially on parameters like imaging, they give the feeling as not as technical, ence me considering them not to be the same as Oxygen for less, despite the tuning changes. The most noticeable to me are detail, stage size and the pseudo 3D you can get from the older brother, that Hana doesn’t have.

While I still prefer alternatives like Oxygen, Olina or Etymotic ER2XR, I don’t dislike these and I’d pick it against offers like Moondrop Kato and Titan S for my library.

I think they are a well done mildly V-shape that I can enjoy, instead of those very V-Shaped offers that you can find everywhere, in this price range – like fiio’s offers, Sony’s or even Lokahi.


Hana 2021 might be no Oxygen to my ears, but I think that instead of that they became a slightly different alternative to it, with a more competitive price, which leaves them still relevant. For those looking for a more bassy harman, mildly V but without the exaggeration, these get a recommendation.

Kudos to Tanchjim, in my opinion they knew what they were doing and where they should place them without cannibalizing their own offers.

Value: 4/5 / Rank: B+

Thanks for reading!

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