TinHifi P1 Plus Short Impressions

Unless you’re under a rock you know that, after the inital waves of timeless, Tin Hifi quickly came out with a revision on its most sold planar, T1, and called it plus. Major changes seem to be a slight tuning change and the efficiency of the IEM itself – OG P1 seems to take more energy than the sun can give, – which was very welcomed by the P1 cult followers.
I decided to try it since I had zero experience with planars and also to have something to compare with timeless and, oh boy, was I wrong.

Everyone knows by now that I’m a special snowflake and I like lower elevations, darker trebles, loads of mids so, as you can imagine, once I saw the graph, I was sold.

Yeaaaahhh, no. I don’t like the stock tuning and it just feels veiled. None of the planar awsomeness except for the timbre…

PEQ time, I guess (image is using Riku’s measurements as a guidance and then proceeded to use my ears as a tuner):

PEQ Settings:

Low-shelf: +3db @ 100hz – Q:1
Peak: +3 @ 2500hz – Q:3
Peak: +3 @ 3900hz – Q:3

Still a no to me. Despite a better tuning, sound is still a bit veiled and I don’t like its techs: Depth is bad, stage is not the greatest and imaging is average. Detail tho, it’s not the best and not at all what I was expecting.

Very hard for me to rec it when Timeless exists on a similar price (during sales) and I’d much rather just get Etymotic ER2XR at 100usd over these.


Want a planar? Buy 7hz Timeless. Want the best around 100usd? Get etymotic ER2XR if you don’t mind the fit. I don’t have much more to add to it at this point…

Value Ranking: 2/5

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