Final Audio VR3000 Short Impressions 

Single DD kicking in at around 80 bucks, having 5 minutes of spotlight due to a flash sale on Amazon UK and thanks to @PopinTeddy ‘s shilling. We can always use more Final E tips, right?

First, let’s talk abou the big Dumbo in the room. Final Audio channel matching is worse to none. This alone is a nice reason to avoid their IEMs.
Second, the price. Although most people paid around 30 bucks during the sale, its MSRP is 80 bucks. That puts you above Mele price and right below Etymotic price, A.K.A. too close to the sun.

Tuning wise, they don’t offend me since the mids are actually good for the price I paid for it. Bass is not overcooked and has minimal texture, which is still fine if we consider what I paid for it. Treble is… below average and overcooked. It has some weird sharpness and timbre, that if I didn’t knew better, I’d say this IEM was an hybrid. My guess is that the driver is at its limits to reach that tuning. Also the 8k seems to be a real peak and not a coupler artifact. Extension is average for the price.

Technicalities wise, well, it’s a bummer. Firstly it’s a gaming/VR set, so what do are we expecting? Did I heard someone saying Stage? Yeah, nope. Depth and height are none existent (inside your head, width is average at best…
So, where’s the VR part of it? Imaging I guess, since it’s actually well done, but since it lacks stage presentation… 1+1=2.
Detail is average for price but bad for MSRP. Timbre is not good on treble at least.

Verdict: There are cheaper ways to get Final E tips.

Value Ranking: 1/5 (at 80 USD)

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