ER2XR, Heart Mirror and Yuan Li – Impressions

TForce Yuan Li

I got this IEM hoping for a more Neutral signature tuning, but it didn’t came out like that. First minutes in I was over-helmed how bad it sounded until I finally realized the stock cable was borked and proceded to replace it. Given that, all my impressions will not be done with the stock cable, I’m sorry.
Cables aside, I knew this sound profile. Proof I’m not crazy:

No, they don’t sound the same, they are close, but not the same IEM whatsoever, especially due to driver difference.

I’m gonna be brutally honest about Yuan Li: You want the more warm/bassy balanced tuning? Get Tripowin Mele for half the price. You want it for the Techs or Treble? Get Heart Mirror for half the price. You want the whole package or an upgrade? Get Etymotic ER2XR for the same price, if you don’t mind the fit.
Mids feel slight recessed, overall clarity seems good but when you compare it to HM or ER2 you know it is worse. Bass feels fine but then you plug Mele in and it’s a bloodbath.
Regarding techs, they are pretty good. Great imaging, good stage, average depth for the price range. Detail is average.

Conclusion: I don’t dislike it, in fact, I kind of like it. I just don’t think it adds anything to the market at this price point. There are better options out there. 3/5.

HZSOUND Heart Mirror

As neutral as neutral goes. Somewhat rolled of sub-bass, flat mids, big treblemaker as MRS described it. I paid 35€ for it on 11.11 and boy, I’m glad I did.
First things first: The treble. I’m using Final E with them to tame some of its peaks. It’s there, it’s present, and it might hurt the more sensible users – I’m enjoying it, and you all know I prefer DARK IEMS, while being sensitive to it. Although it is elevated, I don’t find it overcooked and very fatiguing like DQ6 or TSMR Land did to me, even tho there’s no bass shelf to compensate for it:

I just love it. Great techs, just average depth. Due to its tuning, the amount of treble extention and Air is just sweet. Loads of sparkles and separation. Mids are forward and giving the sense of pseudoaccoustics around you. Bass is more present than it seems on graph and very well done, lacking some elevation for some, just enough to give some warmth and note weight to the presentation.
A side note goes to modding and EQ, as I always give impressions and reviews of stock gear, but HM responds very well to EQ and tanya filters/foams.

Conclusion: Together with Mele, for the other half of my library, the two are my default under 100 USD picks. 4.5/5.

Etymotic ER2XR

The bracket gatekeeper. And yes, the fit is as bad as it seems or someone else have told you. You get used to it after some days, and foams help a lot (I still use them). If you can get it for 100usd or even less (US prices), it’s a no brainer.

Stage and depth are average to below average due to fit, but imaging is fine and separation is good which helps you to not feel claustrophobic and actually enjoy the presentation. The level of detail and clarity is pretty good.
Tuning wise, I love it. Bass is present, but not bleeding and also not overcooked, in fact, it feels slight less than it graphs. Mids are great and forward but never overly done and also not shadowing everything else. Treble is just right and never fatiguing, with sparkles and enough elevation to feel present. Note weight is good and never thin.

Conclusion: I love it for the price. Praised by everyone for good reason. Fit is bad, isolation is great, cable is very ghetto. Soundstage addicts will find it lacking, but seems to compensate with other stuff. Easy rec if you can get past the fit. 5/5.

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