Tanchjim Tanya – Unboxing and Impressions

Table of Contents

  1. Unboxing
  2. Accessories
  3. Sound Impressions
  4. Comparitions
    1. Sony MH755
    2. Final Audio E1000
  5. Verdict



Tanya comes with a simples but very well done packaging. Has a travel pouch bag, various sets of tipes (wide and narrow bore) and some extra filters. This filters are well known for its magic and they are the reason I got Tanya for. The curious fact is that Tanya’s narrow bore tips seem to be Elecom EHP-CAP 20, which are well know for it’s quality but hard to get (amazon jp only). Photo of the tips included vs CAP 20:

So for less than 25$ you geet some nice tips for starters’ collection, their house filters and the IEM themselves. I like it.

Sound Impressions

Tanya is a bullet style IEM with a nice level of detail and clarity for sub-25$. Sure, it’s not TOTL, let’s be real here, but nothing is too bloated or veiled. They come out as a V-Shape to my ears. The cable is very nice and doesn’t seem to have any microphonics. The build quality of the monitors is the best I’ve seen for this price range.

  • Bass is present with an ok texture, but doesn’t bloat much into mids. It’s mid bass focused over sub, which makes sense giving the drivers and isolation capacities, creating a kick with a smell of texture.
  • Mids sound a bit recessed due to the tuning but they have a nice presentation and female vocals come forward
  • Treble has some sense of air and good extention, but can get out a bit shouty for my tastes. Some people report that it cools down a bit with 1 more filter stacked and tips. People that like V-shape will probably find this treble great.
  • Soundstage and imaging are… Left and right with singer in the middle. Well, wasn’t expecting anything here due to the form factor and price, anyway.


Sony MH755

MH755 comes out a more U-Shaped, with more bass and almost as shouty as Tanya. Presentation is a step further from you, giving a sense of more air between you and the singer, but with less detail in micro or macro. Bass quality is better on Sony, specially sub-bass. I’d maybe pick Tanya for my library, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. I’d rec Tanya since it’s much easier to get, comes with better acessories and original MH755 comes with a VERY short cable, meant to be used with a wireless device. Sony MH755 is less slight less shouty and fatiguing for long runs. But, as always, if you can get your hands on an original MH755, you should add it to your collection and even try to recable it, but that will defeat the purpose of this ultra budget pick.

Final Audio E1000

E1000 is the sub-25$ neutral IEM benchmark. It rolls off in the sub-bass but has has some good detail and clarity due to the tuning. I it isn’t as fatiguing as Tanya for sure, but most will not consider as “fun”. Tanya came out as more micro detailed tho and with better textures. E1000 has more air in its presentation, while mids are more forward, but without getting shouty. To me they are different horses on the same bracket.

E1000 comes with Final Audio Type E tips so it worths the money just for that. You can also mod it as graph here to bring the bass region up, altho I’ve never tried it:


I think Tanya is a great accomplishment for the price by Tanchjim and gets an hard rec from me. If you are on a budget and like V-shape and female voices in your face, this is it, you’ll enjoy Tanya. They impressed me for the range and I might have come out a little picky with them for this price range. They will for sure join my first tier of recs along with MH755 and E1000.
For my library and preferences, I’d classify them as E1000 > Tanya >= MH755. If you are very treble sensitive, I would avoid Tanya.
Either Tanya (just like E1000) will settle you with some nice tips for your future collection. They are a good example to start finding your preferences early on. Tanya will keep your joy on til you can get into the 50usd bracket with some tips, and that for me would be Tripowin x HBB Mele.

Value Ranking: 5/5. Personal Ranking: D

Thanks for reading!

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